About Us – Toyota Zamir


Zamir Garage LTD “ was established in 1975 as “ Zamir Bakal Management “, In 1995 it become “ Toyota Zamir “ , a Toyota authorized dealership and service center.

 “ Toyota Zamir “ has several departments at your service: Sales and a showroom for new cars, trade-in, maintenance, body-shop, accessories, spare parts, electrical and air-conditioning. All the departments are equipped with top of the line technology and tools, and our service staff is trained to provide the finest care for your car.

 “ Toyota-Zamir “ is considered a leading dealership in Israel, which is based on professionalism , and a customer centered culture aiming at giving a superior level of service.

Our dealership’s prominent customers include: the Government , the Police, the Red cross, the UN, the Jerusalem municipality, Avis, Eldan and many more.

Toyota Zamir continues to lead the "Tikon Batoh-Safe Repair", which places integrity above all without any limits, and that's the reason why Toyota Zamir is not participating in the " insurance company settlement garages scheme" which is obligated to the insurance companies. Our obligation and loyalty is only to You - our customer. We use only genuine Toyota approved parts, and service the cars under the strict standards of the car's manufacturer.


Our Opening hours:

Showroom: 8:00-18:00 Sunday- Thursday, 8:00-13:00 Friday and holidays

Service departments: 7:30-16:30 Sunday- Thursday, 7:30-13:00 Friday and holidays

Kanfei Nesharim St 62, 9546454, Jerusalem


We extend a Warm Welcome to Toyota Zamir. Join our family of satisfied customers and receive superior service and a unique commitment to total customer satisfaction.

At Toyota Zamir, we speak your language.


Zamir Bakal

General Manager

Toyota Zamir

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